Welcome to Minshuku (bed and breakfast) Tono.

You will enjoy Tono Tourism which is the principle of travel in Michinoku.

In Tono, you can see the traditional scenery of? Japan.

In Edo period, Tono was a post station connecting the coast and the inland of Nanbu-han (the old name of Iwate Prefecture).
Also, it was a horse breeding center that lots of people gathered for horse trading.
Through trading, a lot of information and culture had been exchanged and lots of folk tales were created.

rainbow260Those folk tales are still being told among people in Tono.

Please enjoy touring in Tono and relax at the Minshuku Tono.

yukigeshiki260You can feel at home in Minshuku Tono as it is like an ordinary house.
All bedrooms are straw-matted. We have two lounge dining rooms with a Japanese style fire place.
Enjoy our home-brewed sake in the evening. We have our own brewery.



  • Rates and accommodation offer is available at Rakuten Travel.
    Your reservation of accommodation we will accept from Rakuten Travel.

    Please pay by cash, we don’t accept credit cards.
  • Check in time 15:00
    Check out time 10:00


Guest Room

  • Japanese style 11 rooms
    (6 to 12 tatami mats, without bathroom)
  • Room facilities: TV, bathtowels, facetowels, toothbrushes, razors, and yukatas are provided in the guest room.
  • Guests are expected to lay out their own futon.


Meals (Japanese-style)

  • Dinner time 18:30?
    You can also enjoy our homebrewerd doburoku or the sake at dinner (additional charge).
  • Breakfast time 7:00?9:00
  • You can take meals anytime you like between these times.


dining room

  • Two dining rooms
  • Two bathrooms and two lavatories
  • A washing machine (no charge)
  • Parking (free / space for max.20)


  • 10 minutes walk on foot from JR Tono station (on JR Kamaishi Line).
  • Train: JR Tohoku Shinkansen: Tokyo Station → New Hanamaki Station (about 3 hours)
    => Transfer => JR Kamaishi line: New Hanamaki Station → Tono Station (about 1 hours)


  • Minshuku Tono (民宿とおの)
    2-17 Zaimoku-cho, Tono-city, Iwate, Japan 028-0521
  • Tel +81-198-62-4395
    Fax +81-198-62-4365
  • Please contact us by Fax or E-mail. (We don’t speak English well.)

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